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Ahh Sh*t… I’ve been caught out!!

We all make mistakes… some big and some small

Well, Today was a small mistake, a misjudgement and certainly out of character.

i got caught with my fingers right in the biscuit tin! 

Let me frame my thought process before i explain it all.

As you know,  i put myself out there and it has huge benefits for me. 

But it also has some flaws too…

One of them is that i get a huge amount of fake leads on my website… i totally get it, people ( maybe even YOU) want to see what I’m about, see what i do and how i do it.

It really doesn’t bother me  ( apart from the ball ache of sorting my metrics each month hahaha)

Its my choice to put my head above the parapet, and you certainly cant have all the upsides without a few downsides… thats just the way it works! 

But a few days ago i decided to do the very same thing to another guy that helps trades businesses elevate their business & life, similar to what i do. 

They caught me red handed!  Proper tail between the legs moment ! 

Ahh Shit!!

He was very kind about it all and We exchanged a few polite emails and that was that really. 


I decided to look and think about why i did it. I wanted to unearth the lesson in my mistake… ( a process i always follow when i make a mistake in my life ). 

Firstly i had to own the mistake, accept that it was my choice and my decision… 


I believed ( wrongly!) that Because it happens to me, all the time . I thought nothing of doing it to others! 

The lesson….

But two wrongs will never make a right it will just make more wrongs! 

2+2 will never be 5 and two wrongs will never make a right! 

Upon reflecting on it in my ‘No Excuses Focus planner’ ( that my world class daily planner I’ve been building )  i understood that the  mentality  i held in that momement was one of following the crowd, herd mentality, competing over creating, basically being a sheep!!! 

That ain’t ever going to lead me on the journey that I’m creating for myself and family. 

“Do to those as you would have them do to you.” 

To summarise the above i felt like a right diccckkk head, but as always the mistake, misjudgement , error, what ever you want to call it, unearthed a vital lesson for not just me but for anyone else that decides to read this! 

I drifted for years competing with everyone and it led me all the way to Nowhere… i then shifted my mindset on to ‘creating’  instead and only then did my whole life changed.

Sadly i had a little slip back into a bad habit but most importantly for me, i identified it, faced it , and took the lesson, adapted my thoughts and moved on.

So il close this out with a couple of  question for YOU

Is there something in your own life that this can relate to? 

Can you learn the lesson, adapt and move on?

– Wayne Bettess