📔 Journaling, my warriors, the fierce practice of spilling your soul’s ink onto paper, a battlefield where thoughts wage their epic clash. 🖋️ Who needs a shrink when you’ve got a journal as your personal arena for truth?

📝 Imagine your mind as a raging storm, lightning bolts of ideas, doubts, and revelations. Journaling is your weapon of choice, a strategy to conquer the chaos and emerge victorious. This ain’t mindfulness – it’s a full-on mental revolution.

🔍 Your journal, my friend, is the dossier of your inner war, the chronicles of “What the hell just happened today?” 🕵️‍♂️ Decrypt your dreams, decode your challenges, and strategize your victories – your journal is your tactical guide on this battlefield of existence.

✨ It’s like capturing shooting stars in a jar, except these stars are your fleeting genius and momentary madness. 🪳 They might fade, but you’ve bottled that brilliance, ready to unleash it whenever the battle requires.

🌪️ Life’s hurricanes may howl, but your journal is your shield, protecting your spirit from the emotional onslaught. ☔ It’s your personal saga, filled with triumphs, tribulations, and those “Did I really do that?” moments.

🤷‍♂️ Fear the judgment of others? Fear not, for your journal is your sacred sanctuary. Pour out your truth, your dreams, and your audacious plans (be it conquering the world or crafting the ultimate protein shake recipe). Your journal listens without critique – unless you start doodling warrior monks in samurai armor. 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

🕰️ And when you’ve weathered the battles and earned your scars, you’ll open those journal pages like scrolls of ancient wisdom, reliving the heroics and heartaches of your journey. It’s like binge-watching your life story, complete with cliffhangers, revelations, and a fair share of cringeworthy moments.

So stand tall, my comrades. Journaling: the battle-tested art of seizing chaos, nurturing your soul, and forging a legacy that’d make even the gods raise their eyebrows. ☕📖


In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of today’s business world, finding ways to excel and thrive can be a daunting challenge. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a corporate executive, the journey towards success is often filled with uncertainties and roadblocks. This is where the guidance of a business coach can make all the difference. In this blog post, we will explore the numerous ways in which working with a business coach can not only elevate your business but also transform your life.

  1. Clarity and Goal Setting

One of the key benefits of working with a business coach is gaining clarity about your goals and vision. A skilled coach will help you articulate your aspirations, identify your strengths, and pinpoint areas that need improvement. Through structured sessions, you’ll be guided to set clear and achievable objectives that align with your long-term vision. This process not only benefits your business but also brings a sense of purpose and direction to your life.

  1. Personalized Guidance

Every business is unique, and so are the challenges that come with it. A business coach offers personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. They can help you devise strategies, develop action plans, and provide insights that cater to your business’s distinct requirements. This individualized approach empowers you to make informed decisions and navigate challenges effectively.

  1. Skill Enhancement

Continuous learning and skill development are crucial for staying ahead in today’s competitive marketplace. A business coach can identify areas where you could benefit from skill enhancement, whether it’s leadership, communication, time management, or strategic planning. By honing these skills, you not only enhance your business’s performance but also boost your overall confidence and competence.

  1. Accountability and Motivation

One of the remarkable advantages of having a business coach is the built-in accountability mechanism. Regular check-ins and progress assessments with your coach keep you on track toward your goals. This external accountability encourages you to stay focused, meet deadlines, and consistently work towards your objectives. Additionally, a supportive coach serves as a source of motivation during challenging times, helping you maintain your enthusiasm and drive.

  1. Problem Solving and Decision Making

Running a business often involves making complex decisions and solving intricate problems. A business coach acts as a sounding board, providing you with a fresh perspective and valuable insights. They can help you analyze situations from different angles, consider various options, and make well-informed decisions. This guidance not only improves your business’s problem-solving capabilities but also fosters your own critical thinking skills.

  1. Networking and Resources

Business coaches typically have extensive networks and industry connections that they can leverage for your benefit. They can introduce you to potential partners, collaborators, or clients, opening doors to new opportunities. Moreover, coaches can recommend valuable resources, such as books, courses, or tools, that can further enhance your business acumen and personal growth.


In the journey of life and business, having a skilled and experienced business coach by your side can be a game-changer. From setting clear goals to enhancing skills, maintaining accountability to making informed decisions, the benefits of working with a business coach are far-reaching. By investing in this professional relationship, you not only improve your business’s performance but also embark on a transformative journey that enhances your overall quality of life. Embrace the power of business coaching and unlock your full potential today.

Wayne Bettess from WB GAS LTD & Off The Tools Podcast appears in Leaders Council podcast alongside Sir Geoff Hurst.

The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is currently in the process of talking to leadership figures from across the nation in an attempt to understand this universal trait and what it means in Britain and Northern Ireland today.

Wayne Bettess from Off The Tools & WB Gas Ltd was invited onto an episode of the podcast, which also included an interview with Geoff Hurst. Host Matthew O’Neill asked both guests a series of questions about leadership and the role it has played in their careers to date.

Matthew O’Neill commented, ‘Hosting a show like this, where you speak to genuine leaders who have been there and done it, either on a national stage or within a crucial industry sector, is an absolute honour.’

Lord Blunkett, chairman of The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland said,

‘I think the most informative element of each episode is the first part, where Matthew O’Neill is able to sit down with someone who really gets how their industry works and knows how to make their organisation tick. Someone who’s there day in day out working hard and inspiring others. That’s what leadership is all about.’

Lord Blunkett, Chairman of The Leaders Council of Great Britain

You can listen to the podcast in full here: https://youtu.be/WuQzEeAFmi8

You can also discover more about both Wayne Bettess and Geoff Hurst here:http://www.leaderscouncil.co.uk/members/wayne-bettess

Do I Expand Or Not?

Trade Business Coach, Wayne Bettess discusses;

I see this question asked all the time across social media. To be honest, there is no right or wrong or answer to this question.

Let me have you consider a few things before you make your mind up;

  • Does your business have solid foundations?
  • Do you have the cash flow to support you?
  • Do you have enough work?
  • Is that work regular and reliable?
  • Have you learned to manage people?
  • Have systems and processes in place?
  • Do you have a Business Plan?
  • A Business Strategy in Place?
  • Do you have a clear direction?
  • Are you in sync across the Three B’s – Body Business & Balance?


If you have answered NO to any of these. I would strongly have you consider that the answer should be big NO!

In this section, I’m going to explain why Being a good Tradesman / Tradeswomen DOES NOT mean you are or will be a good businessman. They are two completely different skillsets. Firstly, If you are serious about expanding your business, then you have to be serious about personal and business development. Ultimately, growing into that new person you must become.

When I first grew a business, I sadly never took note of the above. Didn’t understand that I needed to become a different man, and as a result, I lost it all.

I mean it all, I didn’t even have a van!! Left with Nothing!

A few years of soul searching took place before I re-found my passion and excitement. But, once it returned I knew that my past mistakes had been a blessing in disguise. At the time I was 25/26 and tbh, I wouldn’t listen to anyone. I KNEW IT ALL and the only way I was ever going to learn was by failing BIG!

Back then there wasn’t any easy access to Trade Business Coaches, support groups or networks to leverage. Things have changed so much, a quick search on your phone and you can surround yourself with like-minded people. You Can Start learning by soaking up the mistakes and pitfalls they have all made… ALL FOR FREE!

Trade Business Coach
Off The Tools Business Builder

DO NOT EXPAND WHEN YOUR BUSY… Trade Business Coach Advice

My experience has taught me, the worst time to try and expand is when you are mega busy. This will lead you to make rash decisions. That will end up coming and biting you on the arse…

The first thing I would do in this position is to raise my prices. Raising your prices will, in most cases, stem the influx of work but maintain the profit you are accustomed to.

Once you have bought yourself some time you can prepare, plan and execute with a lot more clarity and certainty.

Once I was back on my feet. I quickly noticed that most successful people I had seen or encountered had one thing in common. THEY HAD A COACH. Whether it be Usain Bolt, the worlds fastest man. A successful local businessman, they all have coaches that help develop & maximise their natural skills.

I decided I need to get a coach right now. Well, it didn’t quite go to plan. I found a coach, and tbh I did learn a lot from the man. Unfortunately, it was all generic coaching, Not a Trade Business Coach. Ao after a few months, I wasn’t finding the value in what he was doing. This led me to find another… then another.

Use a Trade Business Coach- NOT ALL COACHES ARE EQUAL

As a result, I realised that running a trade business is not like any other business. We have a unique set of problems and solution, and the generic coaching wasn’t going to cut it. This cycle continued for a year, or so then I had a lightbulb moment. Why don’t I become a Trade Business Coach!

It became apparent that I actually loved helping and supporting others. I had been doing it for years to people around me so why not!

Over the past 3-4 years, I have dedicated myself to learning and developing my Trade Business Coaching skillset. That mixed with my hand’s experiences gathered in life running successful Trade Business. This reaffirmed that I was on the path designed for me.

Wayne Bettess - Trade Business Coach


As a Trade Business Coach, I work with tradesmen across the UK, From Bristol to Glasgow, Manchester to Bournemouth. What I Have found is, Firstly, some very similar threads. Secondly, They all seemed to think they had to do it all on their own. The biggest part I play as a Trade Business Coach is becoming part of YOUR TEAM, Ultimately, holding you accountable and making sure you do what you say you are going to do! Head over to the Off The Tools Academy page to learn more.

Wayne Bettess looks at the traps tradespeople can fall into when they start out as self-employed, and whether there should be more training for the business side of the job…

When you’re a competent, skilled tradesperson you’re in high demand, so inevitably many will want to become their own boss and set up as self-employed.

You’re great at your job, so the time has come to venture out under your own name. That’s when the ‘Success Trap’ starts to kick in.

While most would have spent years training to learn their craft, the attention was on the technical skills you need work on the tools.

Most tradespeople would never have even thought about the ‘Off the Tools’ part of it all.

Doing the work is mostly the easy part, it’s the business side of things that I see many people struggling with. This simply comes down to the fact that we were never educated on the subject. You only know what YOU know.

You take the leap

When you become self-employed, life begins to change. Many seek the freedom that self-employment can bring. The ability to have control of your working life and make your own schedule. Sadly for the majority, this rarely becomes the reality.

Once you leave employment, you lose the structure that allowed you to thrive in doing the job. Now that is all gone.

On the face of it that’s a good thing right? NO IT’S NOT! Unless you have very strong self-discipline, many will start to fall in the same traps that come with quick growth.

You’re good at your job, people like you and the work you do, so they inevitably start to recommend you. Then you start getting so much work you can’t handle it on your own, so you decide to get some extra hands to help.

The jobs are coming in thick and fast, but slowly it starts to catch up with you. When that phone rings you begin to dread it. You soon realise that not every tradesperson has the same standards as you do.

The Pain Starts

Customers start to complain because you’re not getting back to them as quickly as you used to.

You start to resent going to work, you’re missing time with your family. Money seems to fly in the bank but fly out just as fast, you feel trapped, unmotivated and alone.

Well my friends, you do not have to fall into this ‘Success Trap’. The first step is to start to seek out education on running a business. This will start to build some core foundation knowledge for you to build on.

I’ll close this article with a famous quote: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.

Wayne started his career as a Corgi Registered gas engineer at the age 19, and went on to launch his first business at the age of 22. Most recently, he co-founded ‘Off the Tools’ which is dedicated to empowering tradespeople to achieve more in business and life.

Trades Business Coach

Well, Yesterday ended in a bit of panic. I was closing up for the day and had an email from google… The dreaded ” You Have Been Left a 1 Star Review” was the subject line. By the time I had loaded the computer back up, there was another review… Trustpilot 1 Star Review Received the email subject shouted at me!

Arghhh Man, what has just happened I asked myself.

The review stated

Booked an appointment between 4 and 5 pm. Didn’t bother to turn up. No call to say why. However when I called the landline to complain and while leaving a message to say how disappointed I was, someone called me back and when I said who it was and mentioned the no show for our appointment it went quite for 5 seconds before he said “I was about to call you”. If they had bothered to call early and updated me I would not be taking the time to write this review.

TrustPilot Review

WOW, YourNewBoiler.com , one of my businesses, has an amazing reputation with 450 + positive reviews across various review platforms, so I was a bit shocked to say the least. The old Wayne Bettess ( before Shifting from a closed mindset to an open mindset) would have hit the roof. I would have shouted, screamed, moaned and groaned and let it ruin the day if not the entire week.

‘You don’t rise to the situation; you fall to the level of your training!’

Thankfully, Since I started on the journey to improve across The Three B’s ( Body – Business – Balance ), I have become a totally different man. Here is what i did to attempt to resolve this situation


First, I looked on the system at all the notes from my amazing office manager, Rebecca. Thankfully we have systems & processes in place to ensure we always have as much info as possible. In addition rang my right-hand man, Tanino, to find out his version of the event.

This gave me our side of the situation. The next step was to read the review a few times; I wanted to understand exactly what his concerns were before making contact.

This put me in a position of Knowledge; going in blind would have ended up in a sh*t storm.


The next step was I needed to call the customer in question. But, I certainly did not want to end up having a virtual fight with the guy. So, I took 5-10 minutes to a) calm down and b) get prepared for the discussion that laid ahead.


The plan was to have a phone call with the gentlemen, Unfortunately, he wouldn’t take my call.

Therefore I had to resort to texting him ( never a good thing, people get brave via text ). I introduced myself, then went on to ask him his side of the situation. This now gave me a complete picture ( as close as possible ) of what actually took place.

The man was a tad aggressive in the first few exchanges, however, I slowly went to work on him. Explaining a few things like the fact he had actually booked a virtual quote, and the time slot of 4-5pm was just that, a time slot not a fixed appointment time.

He started to calm down and then I decided the time was right to ask him to reconsider the review he left on google and trustPilot by this point!

The Result

Below you will see the amended review…

I didn’t know time slots for virtual appointments are 1hr slots and I stayed in from 4 to get a call at 5. I did not know this and Wayne took the time to contact me and point out I was being a plonker when I threw my dolly out of the pram. To be fair he didn’t actually say that, but I was an idiot and should have shown more empathy.

TrustPilot Review

What a turn around! This was now a 4 star review on Google and TrustPilot!

We turned what seemly looked like a very bad review into a 4 star review on two platforms. This goes to show how much we can impact people if we take the right approach with them.


Wayne Bettess

Master Trades Business Coach / Entrepreneur / Podcast Host

P.S. Want to start learning more about elevating your life & business? Go check out my Free Industry Leading Podcast –  Off The Tools

Calling all British Gas engineers that have been forced out recently…

Off The Tools ™️ is dedicated to supporting our industry, so we are going to put on a business Bootcamp in partnership with Elite Heating and Plumbing for any of the people that have been forced out by the fire and rehire policy that BG has implemented.

[ http://bit.ly/BGFIREREHIRE ]

This will be 100% free to attend, virtual event.Covering –
– Business Start-Up 101

– Marketing & Sales

– Lead Management

– Finance & Money Management

– Plus Lots More

Sign up for free now – http://bit.ly/BGFIREREHIRE

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Wayne Bettess is a leading Trades Business Coach, He isn’t like traditional business coaches in regards to the fact that he still owns two businesses in the heating industry, YourNewBoiler.com & WarmaHome.com.

Wayne’s story is one of many Success and Failures, Trials & Errors and he is passionately dedicated to elevating others to achieve more across their entire lives. Wayne is the Creator of “The Three B’s” and lives and breaths it on a daily basis.

I spent a bit of time going through my Kickstarter ( a document I developed to keep me focussed). It made me look back at some from a few years ago.

When I started on my journey to become a world-class business coach for tradespeople in the UK. The overriding take away from the reflection was that people were laughing at me. Laughing at who and what I wanted to become. Laughing at what I wanted to create for the tradespeople of the UK. Some of this was behind my back and some were to my face.

It was tough period

For the most, it seemed there was a lack of knowledge. No understanding of what a Trade Business coach can do for a person, for their life and for their business!

Which led to many people trolling me, telling me

  • I was not qualified
  • Said I could never do it and
  • Belittled what I was trying to create!

Fast forward a couple of years and…

We now have a community of over 3.5k people striving to elevate in their life and business. Of which hundreds have had coaching from me on my unique programs.

I have so many clients & prospects that want to work with me at Off The Tools Academy. It’s humbling & a tad overwhelming!

I’m not a conventional business coach

– I wear joggers, hoodies & a hat

– Often swear & have banter

– Have unplanned rants and sessions

– Still running a trades business ( one of the regions largest independent new boiler installation companies )

And most of all, I am honest about who I am, where I am, what I can do and do not try to present myself as this finished article.

Ultimately, this allows me to help people make the changes they need to get results. In all areas of their lives.

I Just received a couple of reviews from some lads on my brand new ‘No Excuses 90’ program. It just filled me up with pride in what I have achieved on a personal & professional level in such a short time.

Trust me when I tell you that, I have only just begun…

and I promise there is so much more to come…

No Excuses Let’s Go!

Wayne Bettess here, I have been a heating engineer for over 18 years. I’ve witnessed the boom times and the bust times, this is why I feel we fellow trade professionals are being left well behind when it comes to what we earn.

Over the past 15 years our industry prices have been very stagnant!

Back in 2002, when I started my career as an apprentice plumber, the company whom I worked for charged £65 + VAT for a full boiler service, £600 + VAT labour for a boiler swap and £400 + VAT labour for a power flush.

Do these figures sound familiar? If so I suggest you read on…

Almost everyone I have approached about this subject has instantly expressed that they are fearful of raising their prices, common reasons are :-

  • “ I will lose a lot of my customers”
  • “ My customers will complain”
  • “ They have been loyal customers so it’s not fair”
  • “ I haven’t got the confidence to do it”

Yes… the above (and more) reasons are valid objections, BUT (it’s a big but) at the end of the day, your business is there to serve its customers, if you are not running your business at a fair and healthy profit margin there is not a Fair Exchange and one of the first things to slip is the service your customer receives. To be blunt you have to stop focusing on the negative reason as to why you shouldn’t raise your prices and start focusing on the POSITIVE reasons as to WHY YOU MUST.

Let’s get technical…

In the examples I’m about to give below, I am only going to use The Bank of England Inflation rate over the past 15 years. (Inflation, in brief, is how much £1 can buy you at any given time in the past compared to the present). I’m not even factoring VAT rises on a day to day goods we buy and the higher taxes most are paying, which would compound this issue even further.

In 2002, when I started my career, the price for a boiler service was circa £65 + VAT based on The Bank of England Inflation figures you would need to get £95 + VAT to be in the same financial position in 2018. Basically what you could buy with £65 in 2002 would in today’s values cost you £95!! When we use bigger figures it really starts to hit home how far off a lot of small businesses are from reality, see some examples below:-

2002 – Labour charge for 1 Boiler swap                              – £600.00 + VAT

2018 – Inflation based labour charge for 1 Boiler swap        – £950.00 + VAT

2002 – Labour charge for 1 Power flush                              – £400 + VAT

2018 – Inflation based Labour charge for 1 Power Flush      – £620 + VAT

2002 – Labour charge for 1 Boiler Service                           – £65 + VAT

2018 – Inflation based Labour charge for 1 Boiler Service    – £95 + VAT

Now let me increase this further

So you can see the huge impact it has, examples below now assumes 30 boiler swaps a year, 10 Power Flush a year and 288 Boiler services ( 6 a week for 48 weeks a year).

2002 – Labour charge on 30 Boiler Swaps                          – £18,000.00 + VAT

2018 – Inflation based labour charge on 30 Boiler swaps     – £28,500.00 + VAT

2002 – Labour charge for 10 Power flush                            – £4,000.00 + VAT

2018 – Inflation based Labour charge for 10 Power Flush    – £6,200.00 + VAT

2002 – Labour charge on 288 Boiler Service                       – £18,720.00 + VAT

2018 – Inflation based on 288 Boiler Service                       – £27,360.00 + VAT

Based on the assumptions above, if your charges have remained pretty much stagnant you would be £21,340.00 worse off today compared 2002!!!

  • The cost of goods and services increased by 58.5% over this period. Source: Hargreaves Lansdown
  • Figures based on the Retail Price Index (RPI) as at August 2017. Source: Office for National Statistics.
  • Above figures are estimated figures and


It is Unsustainable NOT to Increase your prices…

If you are not making a fair and healthy profit margin, you can not serve your customer effectively. As there has to be a fair exchange in all transactions. Increasing your prices will also increase the service you can provide (well it should!!). You will be able to invest back into your business, improve systems, process, training, innovation etc.

Although you may not think it, our customers are human just like us. We only have to look at our own behaviour to get a gauge to how our customers will react when we increase our prices. In the majority of cases, if a product/service we buy goes up we accept it. It’s just the way it is and we simply accept it and carry on as normal. We may have a moan & groan about it but in general, we just accept it… SO WILL YOUR CUSTOMERS!

Stay tuned for my helpful tip sheet detailing a number of strategies to help you implement raising your prices to improve your business, your income and your service to your customers.

I really hope this has opened your eyes as to the need for you to raise your prices if this helped you please share it with a friend, family member or work colleague.

You can’t stop BOXT, but YOU can drive your own business forward, YourNewBoiler.com Owner Wayne Bettess explains.

I have wanted to write this article for a while but just couldn’t find the words to get my point across, that said here goes…

Who are BOXT

For those unaware of BOXT, they are, in all sense of purpose a tech startup. They offer homeowners a way to buy a new boiler online, for fixed-price boiler installations across the UK. Utilising a network of self-employed small business owners. 

When BOXT first came on the scene there were a few murmurs and a bit of intrigue but, that was about it. Then they, in a rather dramatic turn got investment from Robert Bosch Holdings who bought a large stake in the company! Yes, that’s the same Bosch that owns the UK biggest boiler brand, Worcester Bosch

This made a big wave across the industry and quite frankly were they really starting to take off in a positive and negative manner!

Many people quickly demonised Worcester Bosch and the whole BOXT model.But this did not stop BOXT, which has seen explosive growth across the UK’s boiler Installation market!

What Boxt offer

What they offer is a unique, modern and restriction-free way for homeowners/landlords to buy a new boiler. At very competitive prices, delivered quickly and efficiently across the country. I feel it has had a similar effect as what UBER had on the London black cab industry… At first, people didn’t pay much attention. Then as they got traction, people were caught off guard and subsequently lost a huge chunk of their industry from under their noses.

Now, I see so many people speak negatively about what BOXT are doing and how they are doing it. In all honesty, I feel this shows that many are a tad nervous and scared of the effect BOXT may have on their own small Plumbing & Heating business

BOXT run a totally different model to 99% of the industry, they acquire most of their customers via pay per click advertising. I have recently read a great article that goes into more detail about all of this, go check it out here – https://tradeinitiative.co.uk/boxt-triple-threat/


Well, I’m the opposite, I have watched the rise of BOXT and rather than moan and groan about what they are doing, I took the decision to improve my own business ‘WB GAS LTD’. I haven’t got the deep pockets and infrastructure that BOXT have. However, what I have is something that BOXT doesn’t and quite frankly will never have. That is the ability to put a personal touch on each and every new boiler installation we do. 

I have taken the explosive growth of BOXT as an opportunity to improve many aspects of YourNewBoiler.com . We started with improving my ‘Customer’s Journey’ which for me, is the most important part of a small business. Especially so, in the competitive New Boiler installation market. I looked at BOXT and could clearly see that they need big numbers. Plain and simple they need 10s of thousands of new boiler installations to become a profitable business. However, a small family firm like YourNewBoiler.com does not. I took the decision to not try and fight BOXT ( This would be crazy ).

Instead, I set about visualising how I wanted my customers to experience YourNewBoiler.com to be.

I started with these areas:

  • How we took the initial call
  • Appointment reminders
  • How we conducted ourselves on appointments
  • Ways we got our quote out to the customer
  • Methods of how we followed up and confirmed a new boiler installation
  • How we actually installed the New Boiler
  • How we offered aftercare to our customers
  • Plus so much more…

Take Action

I then started to implement the changes into YourNewBoiler.com . This created a culture in our small family firm to have the customers experience at the centre of everything we do and say. So I would suggest you Mind Your Own Business. What I mean by that is… stop letting someone else’s business change or deviate you from your own targets and aspirations.

Yes, you may have to work a bit harder on the business, but quite frankly a lot of small businesses have had it fairly easy over the past 10/15 years. The internet has allowed just about anyone to start a business with minimal costs and effort. With BOXT growing so fast I see this as a point in time where small business owners have two choices. You can give up and go work for BOXT, someone else or grab the bull by the horns and spend time,  money and effort on improving your own business.

I created a Business focussed group on Facebook, Come join us here – OFF THE TOOLS

Wayne Bettess, Founder of Off The Tools now offers one to one personal & business coaching programs, Go check out what he has to offer here – Working With Wayne Bettess