Shocking!!! British Gas Fire & Rehire

Calling all British Gas engineers that have been forced out recently…

Off The Tools ™️ is dedicated to supporting our industry, so we are going to put on a business Bootcamp in partnership with Elite Heating and Plumbing for any of the people that have been forced out by the fire and rehire policy that BG has implemented.

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This will be 100% free to attend, virtual event.Covering –
– Business Start-Up 101

– Marketing & Sales

– Lead Management

– Finance & Money Management

– Plus Lots More

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Wayne Bettess is a leading Trades Business Coach, He isn’t like traditional business coaches in regards to the fact that he still owns two businesses in the heating industry, &

Wayne’s story is one of many Success and Failures, Trials & Errors and he is passionately dedicated to elevating others to achieve more across their entire lives. Wayne is the Creator of “The Three B’s” and lives and breaths it on a daily basis.

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