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Well, Yesterday ended in a bit of panic. I was closing up for the day and had an email from google… The dreaded ” You Have Been Left a 1 Star Review” was the subject line. By the time I had loaded the computer back up, there was another review… Trustpilot 1 Star Review Received the email subject shouted at me!

Arghhh Man, what has just happened I asked myself.

The review stated

Booked an appointment between 4 and 5 pm. Didn’t bother to turn up. No call to say why. However when I called the landline to complain and while leaving a message to say how disappointed I was, someone called me back and when I said who it was and mentioned the no show for our appointment it went quite for 5 seconds before he said “I was about to call you”. If they had bothered to call early and updated me I would not be taking the time to write this review.

TrustPilot Review

WOW, , one of my businesses, has an amazing reputation with 450 + positive reviews across various review platforms, so I was a bit shocked to say the least. The old Wayne Bettess ( before Shifting from a closed mindset to an open mindset) would have hit the roof. I would have shouted, screamed, moaned and groaned and let it ruin the day if not the entire week.

‘You don’t rise to the situation; you fall to the level of your training!’

Thankfully, Since I started on the journey to improve across The Three B’s ( Body – Business – Balance ), I have become a totally different man. Here is what i did to attempt to resolve this situation


First, I looked on the system at all the notes from my amazing office manager, Rebecca. Thankfully we have systems & processes in place to ensure we always have as much info as possible. In addition rang my right-hand man, Tanino, to find out his version of the event.

This gave me our side of the situation. The next step was to read the review a few times; I wanted to understand exactly what his concerns were before making contact.

This put me in a position of Knowledge; going in blind would have ended up in a sh*t storm.


The next step was I needed to call the customer in question. But, I certainly did not want to end up having a virtual fight with the guy. So, I took 5-10 minutes to a) calm down and b) get prepared for the discussion that laid ahead.


The plan was to have a phone call with the gentlemen, Unfortunately, he wouldn’t take my call.

Therefore I had to resort to texting him ( never a good thing, people get brave via text ). I introduced myself, then went on to ask him his side of the situation. This now gave me a complete picture ( as close as possible ) of what actually took place.

The man was a tad aggressive in the first few exchanges, however, I slowly went to work on him. Explaining a few things like the fact he had actually booked a virtual quote, and the time slot of 4-5pm was just that, a time slot not a fixed appointment time.

He started to calm down and then I decided the time was right to ask him to reconsider the review he left on google and trustPilot by this point!

The Result

Below you will see the amended review…

I didn’t know time slots for virtual appointments are 1hr slots and I stayed in from 4 to get a call at 5. I did not know this and Wayne took the time to contact me and point out I was being a plonker when I threw my dolly out of the pram. To be fair he didn’t actually say that, but I was an idiot and should have shown more empathy.

TrustPilot Review

What a turn around! This was now a 4 star review on Google and TrustPilot!

We turned what seemly looked like a very bad review into a 4 star review on two platforms. This goes to show how much we can impact people if we take the right approach with them.


Wayne Bettess

Master Trades Business Coach / Entrepreneur / Podcast Host

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