Reflection Unlocks Power

I spent a bit of time going through my Kickstarter ( a document I developed to keep me focussed). It made me look back at some from a few years ago.

When I started on my journey to become a world-class business coach for tradespeople in the UK. The overriding take away from the reflection was that people were laughing at me. Laughing at who and what I wanted to become. Laughing at what I wanted to create for the tradespeople of the UK. Some of this was behind my back and some were to my face.

It was tough period

For the most, it seemed there was a lack of knowledge. No understanding of what a Trade Business coach can do for a person, for their life and for their business!

Which led to many people trolling me, telling me

  • I was not qualified
  • Said I could never do it and
  • Belittled what I was trying to create!

Fast forward a couple of years and…

We now have a community of over 3.5k people striving to elevate in their life and business. Of which hundreds have had coaching from me on my unique programs.

I have so many clients & prospects that want to work with me at Off The Tools Academy. It’s humbling & a tad overwhelming!

I’m not a conventional business coach

– I wear joggers, hoodies & a hat

– Often swear & have banter

– Have unplanned rants and sessions

– Still running a trades business ( one of the regions largest independent new boiler installation companies )

And most of all, I am honest about who I am, where I am, what I can do and do not try to present myself as this finished article.

Ultimately, this allows me to help people make the changes they need to get results. In all areas of their lives.

I Just received a couple of reviews from some lads on my brand new ‘No Excuses 90’ program. It just filled me up with pride in what I have achieved on a personal & professional level in such a short time.

Trust me when I tell you that, I have only just begun…

and I promise there is so much more to come…

No Excuses Let’s Go!